Already Facing Potential 8-Year Jail Term, Shakira Could Face Another Big Lawsuit From ‘Angry’ Gerard Pique

Shakira has been in the spotlight recently for not the right reasons. After breaking up with, the Spanish authorities slapped the singer with a tax fraud allegation. While that case is slowly progressing further, the Waka-Waka singer has seemingly jumped into a pool of trouble again.

Recently, she released a new track namely Acrostico.

Unlike her previous diss tracks, she had dedicated this one to her children, not Pique. However, a recent report suggests that the FC Barcelona star is quite upset with the Colombian icon.


He is upset because the singer did not find it necessary to take his opinion before featuring the kids in an official music video.

Gerard Pique claimed to be pursuing legal action!

Shakira has been throwing darts at her ex-boyfriend since January. Her diss track with Bizarrap was an absolutely brutal insult for the soccer veteran. Due to the uproar in the fanbase, Pique’s family members suffered a lot of difficulties. While his respectful reputation has gone for a toss, the soccer legend has now become a laughingstock on social media.


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