“I Don’t Understand Why Women Should Be Angry When A Man Cheats”- Actress Bella Evinum On Women

Nollywood Actress Bella Ebinum said it was work. Therefore, she urged women not to get angry or jealous when their spouses cheat on them with other women.

In her recent video message posted on her social media, she said that in her old days men still had concubines, even though they had multiple wives.

The broadcaster said, “This is a video for women. When her husband wears a woman, she doesn’t know why she gets angry and jealous. 

The truth is they tend to cheat. A man needs to let go, so he has to cheat, and he can’t give you everything if he depends on you. “So at that time our fathers took three wives even if they had concubines. Women can go without sex for more than one year, and men cannot go without sex for more than one year. He will beat cancer.”



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