“I Haven’t Slept For Nights With Anonymous Calls After VGMA Congratulating Me”- Kofi Kinaata On His Music Career

Ghanaian music sensation Kofi Kinata recently spoke about the profound impact his music has had on people’s lives.

In an interview with 3Music TV, Quinata revealed that fans are his biggest motivation for making music, and it’s not just about money. Fans are Quinata’s greatest motivation, and his musical journey goes beyond financial gain.

He expressed great joy that his music touched the hearts of so many and changed their lives. Quinata gave examples of people who were overwhelmed with emotion reaching out to him early in the morning to thank him for the profound impact his music had. Songs such as “Susuka” and “Kokuhaku” deeply touched the hearts of listeners with meaningful lyrics and messages.


These warm ties meant more to Quinata than simply gaining fame or topping the charts. Despite her growing popularity, Kinata remains humble and values ​​her devoted fan base. Her unwavering support serves as a constant inspiration for him to create music that resonates with her life.

Making a positive difference through his art and building a personal connection with listeners are core values ​​that drive Kinata’s musical endeavors.

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