I Wouldn’t Mind Dating A Stup*d Lady With Big Butt Says Ypee

YPee, a Ghanaian rapper, has revealed his obsession with women with big Nyash .

He’s stated that the only thing he looks for in a lady is the size of her buttocks.

In an interview with Delay, the Kumerican rapper said whenever he meets a lady he likes, he first considers the ass before any other thing.

This was after Delay questioned the identity of a lady he usually flaunts in his TikTok videos.

Expressing the extent to which he is crazy about huge butts, YPee said he could even date a heavily endowed woman who has no head.

“I am a sucker for women with huge butts. I am so obsessed with huge butts to the extent I can manage a big-butt woman who has no head.”

Asked if a heavily endowed woman with a mouth odour is an ‘exception to the rule’, YPee answered,

“I mentioned that I don’t mind being with a headless woman who has big a butt, so as for mouth odour, it’s not a big deal. When I meet a lady, the first thing I look out for is her butt. I vet her butt before I vet her character.”



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