It Cost Just $100K For A Music Feature Only If I Know You – Davido

Davido is one of the biggest African artists in the world with his tune accomplishing distinct corners of the globe and his modern album ‘Timeless’ has damaged multiple streaming records.

In a recent interview on Bootleg Kev Podcast, Davido was once asked how lots he fees for collaboration and he printed he expenses those he is aware of $100,000 whilst others pay more.


Davido additionally said that if the artist is someone he likes and he is aware of the artist would push the music, he would be inclined to do the collaboration for free.


“To be honest, if we do a report and I recognize you are going to lose it to the fullest and you are an artist that I revel in then I’m comfortable to do it.”


The multi-award-winning famous person in addition cited that he enjoys working with Chris Brown because he is progressive and supportive. Davido and Chris Brown have a close relationship and they have collaborated on countless tracks the most latest being on Chris Brown’s 2022 album ‘Breezy’.

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