“Nobody Brushes Their Teeth Before Breakfast,” Says Omah Lay (Video) On His Dental Hygiene.

According to the ‘Soso’ hitmaker, hardly one in the world washes their teeth before eating breakfast nowadays.

The reporter inquired, “Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast?”

He responded;

 “Yeah, after breakfast. Nobody brushes their teeth before breakfast anymore.”

The interviewer, on the other hand, interjected and stated that she brushes her teeth before breakfast.

The artist responded;

“Nah I don’t, you’re the only one that does.”

Omah Lay stated that he brushes his teeth before leaving the house in the morning if he is going out to eat, but he eats first if he is having breakfast at home. She went on to ask if this was the case in Nigeria, but the singer replied that it was standard procedure everywhere.

He went on to say;

“But when I have to go out to get breakfast I have to brush, but when I’m at home, trust me I brush after breakfast.”


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