Singer Simi Criticized Netizens For Implying Her accent As Fake.

Popular Nigerian singer Shimisora ​​Kosoko, or Shimi for short, has hit back at critics who claim she speaks with a fake accent.

The “Duduke” singer has been ridiculed by internet trolls for speaking in an imitation of an American accent. But in a video message the singer recently posted on her own social media page, she emphasized that she hasn’t fudged her accent, adding that she speaks perfectly.

She said, “Let me tell you something that gets on my nerves; when some motherf*ckers come on here saying I’m forming ascent. Do I really seem like the kind of person that will care about how anybody feels about how I talk? like I sit down and I plan, this is how we are going to use this ascent today? I don’t give a f*ck. Does it sound like I’m having a hard time when I speak?

Simi added that the allegation was amusing, and urged those who dislike her accent to stay away from her social media pages.

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