‘Talk Is Cheap’- Funny face “baby mama” Reaction To Critics

Vanessa Nicole, the ex-partner of comic Funny Face, has bared her enamel at Ghanaians who are making feedback about her decision to return to the father of her children barring wholly appreciation the context of her interview with Kwaku Manu.


In a submit on her Instagram story, she emphasized the importance of gazing the complete interview earlier than forming opinions and taking sides accusing netizens of being ignorant and talking anyhow.


“The good ones will watch the full interview before commenting. The ignorant ones will say something due to the fact talk is cheap, and besides, social media is a vicinity you can open an account without any intellectual checkup,” she retorted.


Vanessa in an formerly interview revealed that despite her and Funny Face’s tumultuous past, she believed she had matured and is now succesful of coping with things in a higher way.


If Funny Face wants me back, I have no trouble with it – Vanessa Nicole expresses hope of reconciling with former partner


Vanessa shared, “We weren’t affected person with each other. We didn’t take the time to recognize and comprehend each different better truly. We met in September, and by October, I was once already pregnant. We are each at fault. Despite everything, I hope for the best.”


She clarified that she is now not deliberately maintaining them away from him and emphasised that he can see them whenever upon request.


“If he makes that request, I have no trouble with it. We don’t have any animosity closer to every other. This doesn’t mean I choose us to reconcile. All I wish is for us to be co-parents. It’s now not totally my decision, and it’s now not the woman who chooses whether a man gets married. If Nana Yaw needs me… well, he didn’t like my piercings, so I took them all out,” she added.


However, the Ghanaian online neighborhood have been chastising the mom of three for her comments, with most accusing her of attempting to re-light and set off his past intellectual health struggles which he has been working diligently to overcome.


Funny Face who is the centre of the controversy has remained silent all through the warmness of the discussion, opting now not to publicly comment on the matter.


Vanessa who has taken it upon herself to confront her critics head-on via social media stated, “At this age, I’m only fascinated in consistency, stability, loyalty, and respect”.


Born Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng, Funny Face and Vanessa had been in a committed relationship for countless years before their relationship ended in a disorderly manner in 2020.

Despite their differences, the couple shares three stunning young people together but followers concern that rekindling their relationship ought to affect the comedic actor who has worked diligently to regain steadiness and should unravel the growth he has made.

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