The House Ownership Saga: “He duped and dumped me.” “He’s a broke yahoo boy because I have too much money,” says influencer Eniola, breaking her silence.

According to her, in a lengthy expose, she revealed that, contrary to popular belief, she was not the one spending her boyfriend’s money. Blaze, her ex-boyfriend, is a fradster who was always broke, she said.

She provided receipts demonstrating how she was the one who took him in after his friends threw him out in Accra. She went on to say that despite the bad treatment she received from him, she spent a lot of money on his care.

She mentioned that he had recently landed a big deal in his Yahoo-Yahoo business and had made a down payment on the house. He had asked for $10,000 to help with the purchase of the house, which she had provided. Eniola revealed that on the day she posted her new home, several monitoring spirits contacted her to inform her that the home was not hers, but rather that of her boyfriend’s mother.

When she confronted him about it, he explained that he wanted to surprise and compensate her for all of the incalculable things she had done for him when others had abandoned him. She also revealed that she was the one who paid for almost all of the furniture and other items in the house.

Eniola, on the other hand, made a point of noting with receipts that her boyfriend was aloof towards her and begged her every time she decided to end the relationship. She mentioned that Blaze was currently on the run because he was wanted by the cops. Her admission comes just hours after a video of her and her mother being evicted from a house she claimed was hers in Lekki, Lagos, went viral.


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