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Joeboy talks about his new album ‘Body & Soul’ on Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

Joeboy talks about his new album ‘Body & Soul’ on Apple Music Africa Now Radio.

Joeboy is one of Afrobeat’s greatest creations and on May 19, 2023, Joeboy released his long-awaited second album, Body & Soul, which takes him to a new level. In an interview with Dada Boy Ehiz on Apple Music Africa Now Radio, the music sensation explained the motivation behind the album.

According to Joeboy, the album offers the best of both worlds, allowing listeners to enjoy incredible love songs while also hearing songs that deal with relationship issues. “It’s kind of the best of both worlds – there’s the ideology of love, [and] there’s toxic love – after all, love isn’t just a rose flower, it’s the struggles people face in relationships.” Because there are issues.”

There is an idea on social media that love is perfect and snow-white, but it is not. It’s understandable because love is basically war, and this album explores not only the positive aspects of love, but also other aspects of love. Not just the good parts.

Joeboy said that in the process of making the album, he suffered from creative block because he thought too much about which direction to go. “As a mainstream artist, trying to make the next hit album comes with pressure, and it puts undue and unnecessary pressure on yourself.

I just remember thinking about too many elements, and when you start including too many elements when making music, creativity slows down and you’re like, ‘Ah, he’s also was able to shake it off.” Block was encouraged to follow the advice of longtime collaborator E. Kelly and make music that came from the heart. “I spoke to one of the producers, E. Kelly, and he’s been with me since the early days of my career, and he said, make music without any barriers or boundaries, just make music like that.

It sounds like you’re having fun instead of trying to make it sound a certain way. And music is something I just love and it was fun, so it really got me back to that point.

Joeboy didn’t introduce anyone when he debuted, but he’s done a few collaborations since then. Joeboy said he chose not to feature any artists on Body & Soul because he felt it was time to collaborate with artists he loved and respected.” With the first album, I just wanted people to connect directly with me – okay, that’s who I am, that’s what I’m connecting with now. The first album is the basis of the music. So when people want to go back to the source, they know it’s the vibe or sound they originally created. I wanted this particular album to be mine only, so people could receive my entire package at that point. Having learned to work with a variety of artists that I truly love and respect, it was only a matter of time before I moved forward with this album. 15 Track Album This album was preceded by the singles “Alcohol”, “Contour”, “Body & Soul” and “Duffel Bag”. The album gained widespread popularity, with Pulse citing it as one of the best projects to release in 2023.


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