(Video) 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Applying Lubricants During Sex

Lubricants are not simply about reducing the pain and friction, however additionally about increasing the pleasure quotient throughout the sex session.

Lubes or lubricants are basically a liquid or gel that people use at some point of intercourse to minimize friction and extend pleasure.

It doesn’t have to be the last option when things grow to be a little dry, you can use it at any second in the course of sex, and it also comes in exclusive flavours and might also set off sensations such as a warming or cooling effect at any place it’s applied.

Lube lowers friction and as a result the chance of harm throughout sex. When more lubricant is used with a condom, intercourse can appear more natural.

Even even though intercourse can be a outstanding experience, it may additionally now not be very interesting if you have a tendency to ride vaginal dryness. It could make penetration uncomfortable and rough.

Natural vaginal lubrication regularly takes time, and even then, it may no longer be sufficient. In such a situation, lube comes to your rescue. A intercourse lubricant surely can transform your intercourse life. It is, in fact, now not just about lowering the pain and friction, but additionally about increasing the pleasure quotient at some point of the sex session.


Here’s how to use lube:

Lubricants must no longer be administered to the genitals directly. So squeeze a tiny volume into your hand.

Warm it by using urgent your fingers together

Caress your partner or yourself with your greased fingertips. Avoid putting it inside. It is only for external use.

Things to keep in thought while the usage of lube all through sex

  • How plenty lube to use for the duration of sex

You can use as a whole lot lubrication as you like on your or your partner’s vagina, penis, or anus. Communicating your preferences with your partner would possibly help you determine the place and how an awful lot lubrication to use. Also, follow the lube only the place needed, no longer internally.

  • Use non-oil-based lubricants with condom.

If you’re the usage of condoms or a sex toy, use non-oil-based lubrication on the latex condom, dental dam, diaphragm, or intercourse toy (and keep away from silicone-based lube with silicone toys).


  • Check if you’re allergic to ingredients in the lube

Some humans are allergic to or touchy to lubricant substances such as glycerin or parabens. If you experience itching, burning, or irritation after the use of lubricant, end the use of it and attempt some other product.

Watch the Video below for better understanding.


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