“Was He On Drugs” Fans Accused Black Sherif of being high on drugs before his interview on TV3

Black Sherif, the reigning Artiste of the Year, was accused of getting high on drugs during an interview with Berla Mundi and Cookie Tee on New Day on TV3.

Blacko who won the ultimate at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards was a special guest on TV3 where a special short ceremony was held to welcome him to the station.

According to some netizens, though Blacko answered all the questions posed to him during the interview his attitude and behaviour showed that he had taken in something that morning.

They claimed that his calm and laid-back demeanour, fidgeting and halting manner of speech are typical signs which showed that he was high on something before coming for the interview.

A netizen who wanted to make fun of him called on the musician to introduce him to his plug because he wanted to speak like him during the interview.

He said a video with the caption: “Blacko for plug me to his plug… I want to speak like him??”

screenshot below:


The post got a lot of people commenting and sharing their views with some of them stating that he was behaving that way because of the weed he had allegedly smoked.

Read some comments below:

@nebuchadnezzagh: “I’m proud I once smoked with Blacko”

@TrumpisGod66: “I’ve been smoking since I was born and I can definitely tell he’s high watch his hand gestures and how he processes the questions”

@life_goal11: “Ebi ur man he high or something”

@SS9Platinum: “Amnesia go make you dey talk spit sense”

@khophi_brown: “Nntampe no adooso dodo ???”

@harrisondablah1: “Early morning show Blacko for chew things b4 ?”


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