“Why I didn’t perform at Tinubu’s pre-inauguration” Portable reveals as he blows hot

Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, a controversial singer, has slammed artists who played at President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s pre-inauguration.

In a viral video, the fast-rising musician explained why he did not perform at the concert.

According to him, the concert organizers approached him and offered him merely N5 million, which he politely declined.

According to Portable, the organizers were handed N10 million to pay performers, but they lowered his part.

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Portable, who was on fire, lamented the fact that he was the lone musician pushing for Tinubu yet was unable to perform.

“Don’t worry, that’s how you guys start oooo. I supported Tinubu when you guys were supporting Obi. Now Tinubu entered, and those useless people are performing at his concert. Am I not the one who promoted Tinubu? They called my manager that I should come and perform in Abuja, they said they dropped N10 million for the artiste’s performance but N5 million would only get to my hands. I turned it down, tore the paper, and deleted their number. No be me be star. That’s why I didn’t perform in Abuja for Tinubu. You are going to celebrate Tinubu, do you love Tinubu? Did those musicians post Tinubu? Did the vote for Tinubu”.

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