“You will see my trouble” Jayeola Monje threatens Biola Bayo as she calls for help

Jayeola Monje, a Nollywood actress, has slammed her junior colleague, Biola Bayo, for doing something unexpected to her newborn kid.

Biola Bayo was quoted as saying that her son refused to utilize his baby cot, bassinet, and other baby equipment, preferring to drag her bed with him.

Biola Bayo vented about it, claiming that she devised a way to get more value for her money by swamping beds with her son.

Biola Bayo was seen resting in her baby crib and bassinet while her son slept on her bed in the video she posted on her Instagram page.

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“How can I spend so much buying a baby cot, baby bassinet you will not sleep there only to be dragging bed with us? Lailai you can not waste my money… I’ll use them myself… Jayeola grandma how far?”.

Reacting to it, Jayeola Monje threatened to show Biola Bayo the other side of her.

She added that she would be in Lagos soon after calling for assistance on Biola Bayo.

“Biola you will see my trouble. I’ll be in Lagos soon. Iru jagbajagba re ke? Eyin abiamo egbami lowo Biola ooo”.

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